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Diverse Learning Environments


Our infant program prioritizes quality time.  Our time is dedicated making sure your child is safe, secure, and happy.  Our focus for every child is growth and development and we share their experiences with you.

This program provides:  Nurturing classrooms environments. Education toys and stimulating activities.  Milestone-based curriculum.  Immersive learning experiences through play and every day activities.  We teach infants how to problem solve through games such as Hide and Peek.  



Toddlers are movers.  We channel their energy and excitement into positive early education learning experiences.  As children's mobility grows, we give them plenty of room to move and discover.  We also guide them toward developing new physical skills and achieving emerging milestones.  The program features:​

Stimulating classroom environments

Specialized curriculum to develop milestones

Active learning experiences

Educational materials

Explore. Discover. Grow. The six areas of this classroom provide ample opportunity for children to be active and learn new things.  

1. Movement Center -activities for developing fine and gross motor skills, balance, and coordination are explored.  It's time to crawl, walk, stretch, climb, and jump.

2. Blocks & Manipulatives Center - Lets build something!  Early science concepts (balance, movement, etc.) are discovered with blocks, puzzles, and building materials.

3. Art and Sensory Center - Express yourself, painting, drawing, and more.  Help children explore creative expression and sensory exploration of different materials, and textures.

4. Pretend Center - It's make-believe time!  Here, children develop critical thinking skills, body awareness, and the ability to make sense of their world.

5. Language Center - We love reaching, sharing, and acting out stories.  We read, play with puppets, and discover early writing materials in a comfortable, quiet space.

6. My Space -This quiet safe space offers children the opportunity to have some quality alone time, as necessary.


In this interactive classroom, children are encourage to explore their curiosity and unique interest, through immersive early childhood learning experiences, as they begin to develop important school readiness skills.

Our Preschool classroom environment focuses on:

Fostering independence

Cooperation and communication skills

Hands-on learning

Literacy and number concepts

1. Art Center - Children get creative and learn to express themselves in this center, as they explore color concepts, a variety of art techniques, and cooperation.

2. Block Center - Children will learn to count and sort, and make patterns, as they develop hand-eye coordination and use a variety of building materials and shapes.

3. Dramatic Play Center - As children express themselves and cooperate with make-believe play, they develop early writing and reading skills, and learn to make sense of real life.

4. Math Center - Sorting and comparing leads to recognizing numbers and counting, as children discover early math concepts in this center.

5. Music & Movement - Moving, dancing, and singing help children to work on their physical coordination, while cooperating, communicating, and having fun with others.

6. Science Center - Observation and questioning skills are developed, as children engage in learning experiences about plants, animals weather, and the seasons.

7. Reading Center -Listening, story comprehension, and print awareness are some of the literacy skills that children will develop while working in this center.

8. Writing Center - Rhymes, sounds, letter recognition and formation, theses are just some of the early writing and communication skills children build here.

School Age

For our school-age students, mornings and afternoons are busy with engaging activities in our cooperative, interactive and social classrooms.  We provide physical challenges and large motor, team building games to keep kids healthy and fit.  We also provide tools for students to be do their homework in a structured, supportive environment.

Children Embracing in Circle
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